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the difference


Short story

Twenty years ago, due to a combination of random events and a sudden strong passion that sprang from that, my winery was born.

In these 20 years, some of them beautiful and some very tiring, I have consistently continued to work at best in the vineyard with the objective of bringing excellent grapes to the cellar in September.

Lots of attention, processing of small masses, constant presence and constructive confrontation with oenologists, often allows one to obtain excellent results;this combination of many factors which I regard as almost “Magic” will now enable us to taste remarkable wines.

I never say that my wines are good, excellent or superlative, I only say that they are a small part of me, which I offer to you to taste and, if they are right to your palate, to enjoy.

Wine is a pleasure. All the rest words!

I will be waiting for you in my simple cellar

See you soon Cesare

Our philosophy

Many choices of Cantine Tonelli, often far from traditional economic and market logics, are aimed at carrying out, often with many sacrifices, a company dedicated to quality but coupled with simplicity!